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Why Android users should use the Blackphone 2

Friday 15 September, 2017

Smartphone privacy and security is an integral part of life in 2017. Ensuring that your calls, data and transfers are encrypted and secure is vital. However, how many people, especially Android phone users, consider the full range of privacy and security options when purchasing their next smartphone?

Radically Improved Privacy and Security for Android Users

The Blackphone 2 has been engineered from the start with privacy and security at its core, with radical advancements to the base Android operating system. This is put into perspective when you consider that, over the last year, there have been 3 Million Malware incidents and 3 Million suspicious Apps created. These figures show that, if Android users continue to either ignore or underplay the seriousness of privacy and security, they expose themselves to unnecessary levels of risk.

Reduce your Smartphone Security risks

Silent Circle, the developers of the Blackphone, ensure that when updates and patches are required for the software to maintain the security, they are released quickly and directly. This ensure any hack risks are reduced as the software integrity remains. This is a significant benefit over other Android users.

Blackphone 2 Key Benefits

  • Secure voice and text communications
  • Secure file transfers
  • Ease of use and device management
  • Unlocked device works with all major GSM networks
  • Easy integration into existing security systems

Silent Phone Licences

For some, it is not possible to change the existing handset as they are tied into a contract, but they would like to take advantage of the security and privacy features of the network. This can be for either Android or Apple Smartphones. It is now possible with the introduction of the Silent Phone Licences. By purchasing the appropriate licence that best suits your activity levels, you will be able to increase your security and privacy levels without changing phone to a Blackphone 2 at this point.

When considering purchasing a new Smartphone, look no further than the Blackphone 2 – Smart and Secure. If you would like to discuss the Blackphone further, please contact us.

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