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Facebook 419 Million Users Data Stolen

Social Media Data Leaks – How to protect yourself from hackers

Monday 16 September, 2019

Smartphones have long been viewed as a gateway that hackers use to break through your security and privacy. Hackers will scrape as much data and information as they can, even taking control of the device in some instances. 

There has recently been a prime example of a data breach with Facebook having up to 419 Million users affected by a hacker gaining access to what appears to be an unencrypted database. The sheer volume of affected users is staggering and the data scraped from the database includes telephone numbers, gender and location. In some cases they also gained access to the social media account ID details. With this amount of information on a person, it would make a hackers life significantly easier to scam the victim. 

Smartphone Security Tips

Here at Styx we want to ensure that our Blackphone users remain as safe and secure on line as they possibly can, so we have a few tips to help keep your mobile communications private.

  • If possible, have two smartphones. One that is for general use that contains no important information and a secure Blackphone Privy for all sensitive data and communications
  • Make sure all phone OS updates are carried out as soon as they become available
  • Only connect to secure wi-fi and not public systems
  • Do not “jailbreak” your phone as this reduces the security 
  • Always check the sender before downloading anything attached or embedded
  • Regularly check the Smartphone and App privacy settings are still where they need to be
  • If possible, do not download any social media apps to your smartphone

The Blackphone Privy has been specially developed to protect your data and mobile communications from hackers. This includes a locked Bootloader which prevents the phone from being hacked at the OS booting level, so even if a hacker has managed to obtain your details from a third party, they will be unable to use this information to hack your Blackphone Privy.

In addition the Blackphone Privy security and privacy measures mean that the potential hacker will not be able to gain access to your phone. These include:

  • End-to-end Encryption
  • Silent Phone
  • Untraceable Device
  • Unhackable Solution
  • Encrypted Storage
  • Wiretap Secured
  • Incognito Mode
  • Locked Bootloader
  • Device Wipe

Overall, when it comes to using Social Media, our advice would be not to use the apps at all on smartphones as the data they hold is not always as well protected as the data is on a Blackphone Privy. 

This latest smartphone attack comes hot on the heels of a data breach for iPhone users which we wrote about in our article 1 Billion iPhone Users Hacked?. It shows that there is no let up from the risks of your data being hacked and the need for you to adopt as many security and privacy measures as you can. If you would like to discuss how the Blackphone Privy can help protect your smartphone privacy and security issues, then please give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you. 

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