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Smartphone Security and Privacy in 2017

Smartphone Security and Privacy in 2017

Wednesday 5 July, 2017

Smartphone security and privacy is an ever more important factor in a changing world, as data and information become more and more transferable across the digital channels. Corporations and individuals alike use mobile phones as an intrinsic part of the daily routine, swapping information via voice, text and data and therefore potentially opening themselves up to breaches of privacy and security.

In a recent review of the Smartphone security issue, published, they reviewed a number of Secure Smartphones that are available on the market. They concluded that for those businesses and individuals looking for the most high end and secure smartphone, they should opt for the Blackphone 2. Their comprehensive review of the market makes their conclusion even more compelling.

“..if you want high-end security and you like modification and oversight, we advise going with the Blackphone, which is our choice for the most secure device here.”

March 20, 2017 by Vencislav Krustev

To read the complete article, which we recommend, follow the link: Which are the Most Secure Smartphones in 2017

We think that this provides an excellent insight in to how well the Blackphone 2 performs against its nearest competitors in the market and shines a light on how secure it will make your data and sensitive information.

To discuss your Smartphone mobile security needs or to find out more about how the Blackphone 2 can help you, please give us a call on +44 (0)871 666 9 666. 

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