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eSport and Cyber Crime Cup

Cyber Crime Student Competition is renamed - 2019 is the first year of eSport and Cyber Crime Cup™.

See Blackphone at Etihad Stadium with 2019 Cyber Crime Cup!

Friday 25 October, 2019

Cyber Crime Cup™ will be awarded to the top university student hacking team. It will be the world's first ever cyber security competition to be played on stage in front of a live audience. Join us from 3:00pm at Etihad Stadium on 25 November 2019 to watch the birth of a new genre of eSport! Get your ticket to watch the action along with live commentary from BCS (British Computer Society) and IBM.

Blackphone add £9,000 to prize fund

We are proud to support the competition by donating five of the Blackphone PRIVY latest generation smartphones. One will be awarded to every player on the winning team. We feel it is essential to identify, develop and reward upcoming talent; especially as there is a huge skill shortage in the cyber security industry. Each device is worth £1,800 so this increases the prize fund of Cyber Crime Cup™ by £9,000 – a great incentive for students to test and develop their cyber security skills in the competition. Read more about the Blackphone PRIVY.

About Cyber Crime Cup™

All UK Universities are invited to play in the Online Qualifying Round (1st – 6th November). The top 10 hacking teams are then invited to compete at the Etihad Stadium on 25th November. The highest ranking two teams then play a final match to determine the winner. University students and hacking teams can request an information pack.

As a spectator you will see what happens when a live server, website and database get hacked including how to quickly detect the attack and stop it. You will also enjoy the excitement of watching the best two university hacking teams in the UK compete for this 5ft tall silver trophy sculpted in Italy and the prize fund, supported by Blackphone.

Say hello to Blackphone

Don’t forget to visit Blackphone in the exhibition hall at Cyber Crime 2019! The exhibition is running all day alongside the daytime competition and evening conference.

Cyber Crime Cup 2019

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