UK Government wants your social media access

Remain Vigilant – Mobile Security and Privacy is always on the agenda

Friday 11 October, 2019

Mobile phone security and privacy have never been more at risk. There seem to be constant attacks from hackers using ever more innovative and creative methods. However, have you ever considered the activity taken by the state, such as Governments and Security Organisations, wishing to have the ability to read your messages and communications if they ‘believe’ it is necessary for ‘national security’ reasons?

Social Media has long been in the news, especially in regard to the inherent risk these platforms pose to your personal mobile security and privacy. Even recently there was the incident around Facebook and the data leakage and then there’s platforms that sell your information to third parties.

It has now come to light that the UK government will be signing a treaty with the US that will allow the police and government security forces to be able to gain access through a “back door” to your personal social media messages. However, it must be said at this point that the treaty would only be used by the intelligence community while investigating very serious criminal activity, including crimes such as terrorism or paedophilia. 

Whilst it could be said that mobile privacy and security in general will be at risk from both hackers and governments, time will tell to see how these new powers are used and eventually, how far they will extend. So it’s worth saying now that you really should assess your current mobile security and privacy levels to make sure to remain safe. 

The Blackphone Privy can keep your communication and data safe from hackers. In order to keep yourself safe on social media, you’ll need to consider how you access it, on what type of device and what it is you actually post. It would be advisable that that there should be no sensitive or personal information saved to the device you are using and that you do not provide personal information to the social media site when setting your account. 

By limiting your exposure on your mobile equipment and to social media sites, you’ll be making yourself harder to hack. Consider a second mobile device to remain private and secure, one that is not used for Social Media.

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