Steve Wozniak says get off facebook

Our response to Steve Wozniak on Mobile Privacy and Security

Thursday 25 July, 2019

There has been much talk about how ‘true mobile security’ is actually myth and that it has propagated the amount of hacking that takes place around the world. For example, in a recent interview, Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak highlighted his view about how social media, specifically Facebook, should be avoided in order to maintain personal privacy. He went on to say that Smartphones could even be listening to your conversations when the phone was not in use, and stated that there was “almost no way to stop it”. 

Smartphone security

It is this last statement that we have the answer to, the Blackphone 2 and Blackphone Privy. Whilst we believe his overall opinion of Facebook is correct, we very much disagree with his belief about the inability to secure the privacy on your mobile communications, be they voice or data, as the Blackphone Privy has been manufactured specially to provide highly encrypted hardware and software which work together to provide the most secure Smartphone available on the market. 

The Blackphone Privy does not “listen in to” any conversations that are taking place when the phone is not in use. That is guaranteed. Our unhackable mobile provides a solution for those who need to secure their communications, no matter whether that’s from a business or personal need. 

The future of mobile privacy

"People think they have a level of privacy - they don't," said Wozniak. The aspect for the “need” for mobile security and privacy leads us on to another of Steve’s points, the potential to have to pay for privacy: “Just let everyone pay for their privacy” he said. 

Kc Cico, CEO commented “We believe that if any company, for example Facebook or Google, that rely on paid advertising to generate revenue, were to launch a paid for ‘secure’ and ‘private’ communication service, it is highly unlikely to be 100% private. Therefore, paying for a truly private subscription service, from a company that continually invests in mobile security and privacy technology required to provide an unhackable mobile device is increasingly seen as the only way to achieve peace of mind through total mobile communication privacy”.

Kc continued “After all, there is the saying that you get what you pay for”. 

Our payment plans provide fully encrypted end-to-end communications with the extra ability to completely wipe all data in the event of an attempted hack, offering the totally secure and private smartphone people need. 

At Styx we have made it our business to ensure that our customers have the most secure and trustworthy mobile phone available on the market. It is clear from the interview that Steve Wozniak gave to TMZ in Washington D.C. that data protection and personal privacy is becoming a much more important factor for customers when choosing which secure mobile device to use. 

If you would like to find out how the Blackphone Privy meets your mobile security and privacy needs, please get in touch. 

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