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Blackphone 2 – The ideal Security Guard for your Smartphone

Tuesday 5 September, 2017

Smartphone security and privacy continues to be a hot topic amongst the global business community. As Smartphone technology continues to innovate and has become an integral part of the business world, organisations need to ensure that their Intellectual Property, Financial Status and Customer Contracts remain secure at all times.

Comparing The Blackphone 2 Smartphone Security

In a recent report published on the well-respected Gadget Hacks website, they compared the security and privacy technology of each Smartphone available on the market, then narrowed the number down to 4 “finalists” which included the Blackphone 2. Each of these 4 were then compared against each other on the key areas of mobile security:

  • Biometrics
  • Encryption
  • Encryption Engine
  • Sandboxed User Accounts
  • Restrict Ad Tracking
  • Always-On VPN
  • Block Internet Access for Apps
  • Calls & SMS Encrypted by Default
  • Anti-StingRay Detection
  • Data Wipe After Failed Login
  • LastPass
  • Stock Security Center App
  • OS CVEs
  • Security Patch Timeframe
  • Bug Bounties

As can be seen from the above list of areas, this was an extremely comprehensive comparison.

The Blackphone 2 Results

The results were impressive for the Blackphone 2. The author for Gadget Hacks, Dallas Thomas, stated “The Blackphone 2 is genuinely a cut above the rest when it comes to privacy and security. With standout features such as its StingRay detection, as well as the free year of encrypted calls and messages, you can just tell that this device was built from the ground up with one thing in mind — privacy”.

Kc Cico, Managing Director of Styx Blackphone, said “This is an impressive analysis of the security and privacy factors available in the smartphone market. The Blackphone 2 clearly has compared very well and illustrates the level of technology the Blackphone 2 deploys ensuring our customers have peace of mind over their sensitive business data”.

To read the full results of the comparison, detailing each of the key factors above, here is the link to the original report: (

It is clear that the Blackphone 2 is one of the most secure and private Smartphones available on the market, supporting businesses and individuals alike in protecting their data, information and communications.

If you would like to discuss the “cut above the rest” Blackphone 2 security and privacy features in more detail, please contact us and we will find which is are best packages for you and your business. 

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Tuesday 24 October, 2017

Blackphone 2 is supported by a number of high profile clients we have been delighted to welcome in to the Blackphone 2 fold.


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