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Blackphone 2 – Mobile Security Personified

Tuesday 1 March, 2016

For many years, mobile phone security had, for many, been an area that they had either not considered or not worried about.  However, as more and more interaction is made between companies and individuals via mobile networks, the nature of data transfers has changed. Company employees could be exchanging information of a commercial, financial, legal or even highly personal nature and therefore would not want this to be hacked and land in the hands of their competitors.

Built-in Mobile Security

This is where there Blackphone 2 Smartphone comes in to its own. The Blackphone 2 has been designed with data security and privacy at its core protecting the user via highly encrypted software and hardware. The Silent Circle network offers users a level of privacy and security that is unrivalled in the smartphone market.

Mobile Privacy - The best of both worlds

The Blackphone 2 operating system is initially based on the Android OS but has been significantly upgraded to offer the best of the Android systems but with added protection from unwanted outside attention. In addition, the Blackphone has incorporated Smart Wi-Fi which helps reduce the risk of data loss when using public networks.

Blackphone 2 – Smart and Secure

The Blackphone 2 is uncompromising; it continues to offer the specifications sought from any of today’s Smartphones, whilst ensuring the ability to separate work and personal life using its innovative “Spaces” features. This means that any user can use the Blackphone for both personal and business without compromising on the aspects of privacy and security.

Blackphone 2 Key Benefits

  • Secure voice and text communications
  • Secure file transfers
  • Ease of use and device management
  • Unlocked device works with all major GSM networks
  • Easy integration into existing security systems

When considering purchasing a new Smartphone, look no further than the Blackphone 2 – Smart and Secure. If you would like to discuss the Blackphone further, please contact us on 0871 666 9666.

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